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Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

So Sad:'(

you all miss me right? *uhyeah-_-
but, sorry i'm not miss you all guyzzz HAHA i just miss someone in thereee:D
ok back to the tittle!
yup! i'm so sad:( i loss my favorite things that i love hiks. you know that? no? no? okay i will tell youu all guys that's my toy car his name is McZebra♥ 
i've searched the whole world, but still not found:( *okitsexcessive-_-
I am confused about where to look anymore. do I need to report to the police? is not it?-_-but I miss him so, I want to play with it though when I play with him, I like crazy but I am willing for my real friends: '
yup i'm so sad, i don't know what must i talk to you. okk i'm galaw cemandt-_- 
em oke i will continue this if my lovely Mc have been found:D

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