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-Indonesia is situated in Southeast Asia. It stretches from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya in the east.
-The archipelago is roughly divided into Greater Sunda Islands, Smaller Sunda Islands and East Indonesia.
-Indonesia is a republic, with an elected parliament and president. Its capital is Jakarta.
-The biggest island in Indonesia is Sumatra, which is a part of the Greater Sunda Islands.
Of the ten largest islands in the world, three are located in Indonesia.
-Indonesia is the fourth largest country of the world, in terms of population.
-Indonesia is counted amongst the largest producers of nutmeg in the world.
-The local name of Indonesia is ‘Tanah Air Kita’, which means Our Land and Water.
-The national motto of Indonesia is ‘Unity in Diversity’.
-Indonesia is the largest archipelago the world, comprising of five main islands - Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.
-Indonesia boasts of thousands of islands, out of which around six thousand are inhabited.
-Indonesia is home to some of the rarest creatures in the world, including miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant webs.
-Indonesia spreads over "Ring of Fire", situated in Western Pacific. It has over 400 active volcanoes and bears over 3 earthquakes per day.
-Java Island of Indonesia is one of the initial places in the world where ape-man lived. Even the skull of an ape-man was found buried in ice there.
-The highest point in Indonesia, Puncak Jaya is situated in the highlands of Papua.
-The islands of New Guinea and Borneo are amongst the largest islands in the world.
‘The Sangiran Early Man Site’, situated in Indonesia, has the status of a World Heritage Site and has served as home to around half of the world's hominid fossils.
-Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans to visit Indonesia.
-Indonesia is home to Komodo dragon (varanus komodoensis), the largest lizard in the world.

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